Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Profile Studies

I had the last big crit of the unit in class two weeks ago. We looked at all our progress for our unit up to that time, and we were lucky enough to get help on our work from our four tutors.

One piece of advice that resonated with me was to change the design of 'smallpaw'- they thought it be best if I in turn gave him less hair, to make him less bigfoot, instead of just focusing on his overall size. I tried many different sketches for a smallpaw without hair, but he in turn always just ended up looking/being a boy trapped with bigfoots, changing my story entirely. I also had a hard time figuring how to cover his errr, area, because no bigfoot wears pants! In the end, I just tried to figure out a code of how smallpaws look and are built in comparison to the bigfoots.

This is just a skull study I drew out-

Smallpaw: I wanted the smallpaw to have a more 'developed' skull, as I wanted them to be much more relatable to humans than the bigfoot. In the end, the only thing that does set him apart from humans is the abundant hair.

Bigfoot: Bullet-shaped head, thicker hair. The brow is much more protruded, and usually (but not always) the jaw juts out into an underbite. I wanted the bigfoot skull in turn look much more primitive when sided with smallpaw.

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